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Tool Box Talks: SWOT Analysis

Management tools arge a dime a dozen. And yet, contrary to popular belief, most of them are good and helpful if used correctly and in an adequately defined context.
In “Tool Box Talks” we introduce you to common and less well-known tools and show you how you can exploit their potential for your enterprise, with a focus on the SWOT analysis.


Outfacing the Coronavirus Crisis

Remote work, necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, makes weaknesses in a company’s digital architecture clearly visible. If you develop and implement a digitalisation strategy tailored to your needs, you will be able to identify, address and effectively remedy these flaws. This, in turn, will make your business processes more efficient and arm your enterprise against future crisis.


Is Your Supply Chain at Risk?

Epidemics, natural disasters or political conflicts can easily disrupt supply chains and subsequent production downtimes. A focussed supply chain risk analysis supports you in identifying weak links in your supply ecosystem and implementing mitigations before a crisis strikes you.